Comprehensive Plan



Over the next 18 months, the City will be working to update its Comprehensive Plan.  This Plan serves as a road map to inform decisions regarding land use, transportation, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, parks, utilities, and public facilities.  The Plan is future-oriented – looking out at what Richfield could be in 2040, and setting goals and policies to help us reach that future vision.

A robust public engagement plan is in development.  The City is currently evaluating applications for the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee.  The Advisory Committee will meet with staff and consultants 4-6 times over the next year to discuss a number of topics relevant to the Plan Update (e.g. demographic trends, existing goals and policies, implementation strategies, community feedback).  Meetings will be held in the evenings, approximately every other month on the second Monday of the month.  Meetings are expected to begin in March or April of 2017.



Richfield's Comprehensive Plan is intended to provide a long-term vision, complete with strategic goals, objectives, policies and recommendations, that will guide land use development and policies over the next 10 to 20 years.  Cities use their comprehensive plan like a road map to help inform decisions regarding land use, transportation, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, parks, utilities and public facilities.


State law requires that all communities have a comprehensive plan and that it be updated at least every 10 years.  It is in the preparation of this document that the community can have the most important impact on the future of Richfield. The Richfield City Council in February 2009 adopted its most recent comprehensive plan (2008-2018).


Richfield Comprehensive Plan (2008-2018)

 Table of Contents  
 Chapter 1 - Introduction      Chapter 6 - Transportation     
 Chapter 2 - Demographics, Social & Economic Trends      Chapter 7 - Parks System    
 Chapter 3 - Community Direction      Chapter 8 - Public & Private Utilities (Appendix)    
 Chapter 4 - Land Use & Community Facilities      Chapter 9 - Community Character
 I-494 Land Use Supplement  Chapter 10 - Implementation (Appendix)
 Chapter 5 - Housing      



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